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The Most Powerful Feeling
Fanfiction / Romance
Akame Ga Kill fanfiction: A crazy story about falling in love and giving everything for each other. Even your life. It's a time of war and people die every day as the rebels and the army fight. But a newcomer is stirring up dust. They call themselves "Nightraid", a group of mercenaries and assassins wanting to change the world and end the war. Me? I'm a part of none of those, but then I meet someone and everything changes...
by ArthurTheLastAncient
A child no one except her ,no one loved her ,well she find love ?
by washytashy
The Prince of Wolves & the King of Lions
Fantasy / Romance
When a wolf meets a lion it usually ends bad. In this story however, both discover fate has something different in store for them... Want to know more? Read and find out! Disclaimer: This story may contain Mature content. If you are offended by this in any way, please don't report.
by ArthurTheLastAncient
His slave
Anime / Romance
[Madara x Reader Insert] He took everything from you, replaced the innocence to avenger, after all he did, he intends to manipulate you.
by washytashy
Sadistic King
Anime / Horror
A sadistic king who enjoys torturing humankind. Although the world turned upside down once he ruled the country, luckily to his highness he was still single and the royal families all keep presenting their own daughters to him for the sake of power and their country... Find out more in this story... Hope you enjoy ^^
by washytashy
Rueful love
Anime / Romance
[Izuna x Reader] The perfect love between to people is eternal and it never fades, no matter how much it hurts. Is this that perfect love? That one true connection tat will last forever..?
by washytashy
The Life of a Bug pokémon (Pokémon)
Anime / Fantasy
This story is about the life of a bug pokémon. The bug pokémon the story is about is a Ledyba and his friends, Caterpie and Weedle, how hard his life is in the Ilex forest, how he survives and what adventures he makes in life.
by StefanBaaij
Flight of a Lifetime
Drama / Romance
After a rough period I decided to take a break. From everything. So I bough myself a plane ticket to a place I have never been to before. Little did I know that my first flight would change my life forever. Reader x Me
by ArthurTheLastAncient

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